Recommendations from the Piano: Creepy Classics!

Hello lovely people! It's been a while since I did my very first recommendations post but I want to thank you for responding to it so positively! It gave me a lovely confidence boost 😀 So I'm back with another one today! I wasn't sure what to recommend first for the spooky season as there … Continue reading Recommendations from the Piano: Creepy Classics!

‘The Twisted Tree’ spoiler-free review!

Hello lovelies! Time for another review! I read The Twisted Tree for the recent 24in48 readathon and I enjoyed it, though it wasn't perfect. Let's see why, shall we? 🙂 Part ghost story, part Nordic thriller - this is a twisty, tense and spooky YA debut, perfect for fans of CORALINE and Michelle Paver. Martha … Continue reading ‘The Twisted Tree’ spoiler-free review!