November ‘Book and Nook’ Unboxing!

I’m a little late with this one but I’m finally getting round to unboxing the November Book and Nook box!

When it was announced that the November Book and Nook theme would be ‘Nights at the Circus’, I knew I absolutely had to have it! Circus books are my faaavourite. And the box did not disappoint.

There were five candles, based on 3 of the best circus-y books of recent years (in my opinion), plus a surprise item. This time it was a candy apple scented bath bomb which I could smell as soon as I opened the box, even through its wrapper. Yum!


There was also the themed bookmark which I love. It’s going to be one of my favourites (and I have a LOT of bookmarks!)



And now for the candles!



Inspired by the book of the same name by Stephanie Garber, this candle smells like roses, mistletoe and wine, and it’s a sumptuous shade of red. And so sparkly!



This box contained two candles inspired by Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody.  The first is a stunning shade of deep purple and smells like myrrh, fire and pomelo (which I’m told is a giant grapefruit thing!) It smells fruity and a little smokey, and I love it.

The Girl Without Eyes

The second DotBC candle is the most lovely shade of lilac with iridescent glitter and it’s just so delicate. It smells like chamomile, vanilla and magic. I actually like the appearance of this candle more than the smell! *hides behind a pillow*



I *think* this is my favourite candle in the box (though ask me again tomorrow, and I might have changed my mind!) It’s inspired by The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and smells like plums and honey. It has a black and white marbled effect with red glitter, perfect for the reveur in me.

Circus of Dreams

And the second candle inspired by The Night Circus is one the most delicious smelling things ever! It smells like chocolate and caramel, with a slight hint of apple behind it. Topped off with white glitter that looks like sugar, I could almost take a bite out of it.



And here’s my full unboxing! I really wish I could convey to you how amazing these candles smell!



Which of these candles sounds most appealing to you? Is anyone else a fan of circus books? Please let me know your recommendations in the comments! 

December FairyLoot Unboxing!

It makes me very sad to say it but this will be my last FairyLoot unboxing! (Unless I win any in future or get chosen as rep). I just can’t afford to keep up my subscription whilst trying to save for a house so I’ve had to call it quits. Thankfully, this was a great box to end on!

The December theme was ‘Oh So Regal’ and I knew as soon as I heard about it that I would love it! The box featured an early copy of Everless by Sara Holland, which I have already read and loved! You can check out my review here.


As well as the hardback book, December’s box contained 5 fantastic items, 4 of which were exclusive to the box.

Full-size Pop by Funko!

The December box contained one of six possible Disney Royal pops – Rapunzel, Ariel, Pocahontas, Simba, Jasmine or Tiana. I got Simba! I’m still in the very early days of my Funko collection so this is a great helping hand on my journey to acquiring more.

Prince candle by A Court of Candles

There were also different possibilities for the candle featured in the ‘Oh So Regal’ box (I love when subscription boxes do things like that, it’s so exciting! Ah simple things.) I got Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid but other subscribers could have received Aladdin, Prince Charming, or the Beast. We were also given the option to purchase a full-size version of our candle!

Shakespeare pouch by Miss Phi

I have enjoyed previous collaborations between FairyLoot and artist Miss Phi, and this one is no exception. I love Shakespeare so I was very happy to receive this exclusive pouch (which I think I’m going to use as a pencil case).

Keyring by Fiction Tea Designs

This enamel keychain is an exclusive design for FairyLoot and it’s cute and fun! Books definitely rule. I love the royal purple colour.

Notebook by Stella’s Bookish Art

I haven’t read the Red Queen series but that doesn’t stop me appreciating how gorgeous this exclusive notebook is! I love keeping a little notebook with my planned blog posts/Instagram challenge prompts/etc. so this will be perfect for that purpose!


This box also contained a sampler of Rosemarked, a War Storm bookmark, and of course the usual signed bookplate and letter from the author of the chosen book.



Well I hope you enjoyed my last FairyLoot unboxing! I’m really going to miss getting this monthly treat but alas, that’s adulting for you. Did anyone else get this box? What was your favourite item?

October FairyLoot Unboxing!

The theme for October’s FairyLoot box was ‘Villainous’! As soon as this theme was announced and the social media hints were dropped, I knew what the book would be – another one that I was super excited to read! FairyLoot consistently bring their ‘A game’ with their book choices and make me glad to be a loyal customer!

The featured book was Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao, an Evil Queen retelling set in East Asia (how amazing does that sound?!) I love a fairytale retelling so this one is high on my to-read list.

One of the best things about this month’s box is that it also included an exclusive edition of The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo! I was so close to preordering this book when it was announced that the box would include a copy, so I was thrilled! It’s utterly gorgeous inside and out, and I’m sure I will love it just like the rest of Leigh Bardugo’s books. Look at the beauty:-



Now onto the rest of the items that were included in October’s box…

Maleficent candle by Meraki Candles

Maleficent is one of my favourite Disney villains so I was thrilled with this exclusive candle. It’s no secret that I love candles, especially bookish ones, but I try to limit the amount I buy because they always feel like an extravagant purchase! So I’m always happy to receive them in bookish boxes. This one smells like jade orchid and lotus blossom, and is a beautifully delicate shade of green with purple glitter.

Virgil’s Aeneid artwork by Evie Seo

We don’t often receive items in bookish boxes that are inspired by such classic literature as this but I’m really thrilled with this piece from EvieBookish! (Edit: apparently, this quote is featured in Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series but I’m going to pretend FairyLoot were just being super cultured this month by quoting a Roman poet.) I can’t wait to display this in my library.

Moriarty coaster by Evie Seo

We were treated to not one but TWO beautiful items designed by EvieBookish this month! I’ve always loved her work but can’t afford shipping from America (*cries*) so iit was a real treat to get not just an art print but this coaster too!


Dark Mark pin by House of Wonderland

This might just be the cutest pin I’ve ever seen. I have a bit of an obsession with bookish pins (but again, I often restrain myself from buying them because I can’t justify it). This gorgeous dark mark pin is completely adorable (not something I ever thought I’d say!) I can’t wait to add it to my bookish pin collection and only hope that it doesn’t cause me to make some more impulse purchases!

Hidden Darkness mirror by Little Inkling Designs

I adore the bookmarks from Little Inkling Designs and her beautiful lettering translates perfectly to this pocket mirror. Featuring a quote from The Young Elites, this mirror will be super handy to keep in my handbag!


The October box featured some great extras including some Language of Thorns postcards and a gorgeous Night of Cake and Puppets art print (which I had been drooling over for ages on Laini Taylor’s Instagram account!) Plus, there was the usual signed bookplate, letter from the author and monthly FairyLoot bookmark.



Here’s my full unboxing!



The November theme is ‘Ladies That Slay’ and will feature an exclusive edition of a book featuring DRAGONS (either FairyLoot are picking super highly anticipated books this year or my guessing abilities have gotten REALLY good because once again, I have a good idea what the book is going to be). The box is also going to feature an ARC of a book that won’t be released until March 2018! The excitement is real.

December’s theme was released and it is ‘Oh So Regal’. The description of this box sounds amazing and I think it will be a fantastic one to end the year on! It sold out unbelievably quickly!


Did anyone else get this box? What was your favourite item? Has anyone read Forest of a Thousand Lanterns yet? What are some of your favourite fairytale retellings?!

September FairyLoot Unboxing!

Yay, FairyLoot unboxing time! I love bringing you guys these posts. September’s theme was ‘All That Sass’ and it was an absolutely jam-packed box!

September’s featured book was Even the Darkest Stars by Heather Fawcett. It’s set in a Himalayan-style fantasy world and apparently contains ghosts, witches and dragons to name but a few! I can’t wait to read it. What’s more, for the first time, FairyLoot featured an exclusive cover! Our edition has exclusive foiling on the title which makes it absolutely gorgeous. Give me all the shiny things.

Once again, this box contained seven items! Anissa definitely knows how to spoil us.

Rattle the Stars beanie by Reverie and Ink

For the first time ever, FairyLoot featured a hat! I love getting useful/wearable items; this Throne of Glass beanie will be perfect for the upcoming colder weather.

Percy Jackson hot chocolate by Brontie & Co.

This hot chocolate blend sounds absolutely delicious! It’s really fancy too; dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan – so it’s suitable for everyone! I can’t wait to snuggle up with a huge mug (after taking a multitude of photos for bookstagram, of course).


Clockwork Angel tote bag by Miss Phi

I mentioned in a previous unboxing post that I hoped FairyLoot and Miss Phi would collaborate again and I’m so glad they did! This bag inspired by Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices series is gorgeous. (Maybe I should finally read this series?!)


High Warlock Candle by In the Wick of Time

This mini candle is inspired by Magnus Bane (another character I’m yet to meet) and smells like sandlewood, incense and lavender. The creator has also made a full-size version of the candle which is only available to FairyLoot subscribers!

Harry Potter magnet by Ink and Wonder Designs

This is the second time FairyLoot have included a magnet and, let me tell you, I’m going to have the best looking fridge in the world. It’s so pretty!

Artwork by Taratjah

This box included 2 prints: Lila from the Shades of Magic series and Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles (yet more characters I still have to meet. This box has certainly made me aware of how many popular books I still haven’t read!) I can’t wait to get my own place with a home library so I can display all of this beautiful bookish artwork properly.


Sturmhond notepad by Alexis Lampley

The founder of Nerdy Post created this Nikolai-inspired notepad (finally a character I know!) I absolutely love it! I’ll definitely be making plenty of lists on this beauty and will smile every time remembering Nikolai’s sassiness.


This month’s box also contained some cool extras, namely a sampler for The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue and a Tower of Dawn bookmark. Plus there was the usual signed bookplate (I always love that FairyLoot includes these, it makes the book that little bit more special!)

Here’s a full unboxing:


Once again, an amazing box!


I’m so excited for the next two months of FairyLoot. October’s theme is ‘Villainous’ and I’m 99% sure of the book that will be included. Once again, it’s one I can’t wait to read. But wait! Anissa also revealed that the box will include an EXCLUSIVE edition of The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo!! Much flailing ensued.

November’s theme is ‘Ladies that Slay’ and I’m quite sure I know what that book will be too; once again, it’s going to have an exclusive cover! I love that FairyLoot have started doing this. We’re also getting an ARC from 2018 and a book sleeve!! Excitement for days.


Did anyone else get this month’s box? Or are you getting any of the upcoming boxes? What did you think of Even the Darkest Stars if you’ve already read it??

August FairyLoot Unboxing!

It’s FairyLoot unboxing time again! Always the most fun time of the month. August’s theme was ‘Otherworlds’ and, as always, it was fantastic!

August’s featured book (as I happily predicted) was Wicked like A Wildfire by Lana Popovic. Once again, FairyLoot has provided me with one of my most anticipated reads of the year; it’s about magical sisters who can manipulate beauty, and it sounds amazing!

There were seven items included in this month’s box! Read on to find out what they were…

Peter Pan notebook by T. J. Lubrano

This has to be the most adorable notebook I’ve ever owned. I’m notorious for hoarding stationery but I think when my current reading journal is full, I’ll be able to bring myself to use this one!



Witchsoul candle by Book and Nook

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Bella’s candles. (For an unboxing of her recent Disney box, click here.) Apparently, FairyLoot and Book & Nook worked directly with the author of this month’s book to create 5 exclusive candles. Mine smells like lemon verbena, vanilla and pear, and I love it!

Velaris necklace by Oh Panda Eyes

No ‘Otherworlds’ box would be complete without an item based on the works of Sarah J. Maas. This cameo style necklace features one of the YA community’s favourite fictional locations.

Westeros Tea Strainer

Well, this is just the coolest thing ever. I’m constantly drinking tea and now I can feel like the queen of Westeros while I do it. What more could a girl want?


Sleep mask by FairyLoot

I love when FairyLoot send out useful items! This eye mask will come in really handy when I have to do sleepover shifts at work and need to block out the light coming through the too-thin curtains!

Northern Lights art print by Adelaydeart

This print inspired by His Dark Materials is gorgeous! Northern Lights was my favourite book of Pullman’s trilogy and this print captures what I loved about it so well. Beautiful!



Aragorn and Arwen magnetic bookmarks by Paperly&Co.

These magnetic bookmarks are super cute! There were three different sets sent out and I’m really pleased I got this one because Aragorn is an absolute stud. Arwen’s ok too, I guess.


As well as all these awesome goodies, this box was packed with extras including samplers from Blackwing and Godsgrave (which folds out into a poster!) And of course, there was the usual signed bookplate, letter from the author and bookmark featuring the monthly FairyLoot artwork.


Once again, FairyLoot knocked it out of the park! I’m really excited for September’s ‘All That Sass’ box (though I have no idea what the book could be). October’s theme was recently revealed as ‘Villainous’ and I’m fairly certain I know what that book is; of course, it’s another of my highly anticipated reads. It was also revealed that the box is going to contain an exclusive edition of The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo!! No wonder it sold out in 48 hours.

So who else got this box? Have you read Wicked like a Wildfire yet? Remember to check back here around the same time each month to see more unboxings!


August Book and Nook unboxing: ‘Disney Wonders’!

So in August, I decided to try my first Book and Nook monthly candle box – the theme was ‘Disney Wonders’ and obviously, as a huge Disney fan, I couldn’t pass that up! Keep reading for my full unboxing…

I hadn’t actually realised but every Book and Nook box comes with a themed bookmark! I’m complete trash for a nice bookmark and this one is DOUBLE-SIDED!! Excuse me, I need to calm down.

As well as the bookmark and the candles themselves, the monthly boxes also feature a mystery item! This month, it was this gorgeous charm bracelet inspired by Beauty and the Beast. It features 5 charms: a book, a castle, a snowflake, a rose, and a shiny red loveheart. It’s so pretty!


When you’ve recovered from the sight of my blindingly white arm, read on to check out the candles!

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet

This is one of the prettiest candles I’ve ever seen – it’s a beautiful sunshine-y yellow with gold and purple glitter. It is scented with spices, magic and frankincense and has a strong, spicy fragrance that transports you straight to Agrabah!


Beast’s Library

Isn’t it refreshing to hear it referred to as Beast’s library instead of Belle’s!? A minor quibble, I know. This candle is a lovely blue colour and smells like old books, roses and cedarwood. And of course, it’s topped with the signature Book and Nook glitter!


Elsa’s Ice Palace

I have serious heart eyes (heart nose??) for this candle! It’s white with purple and turquoise glitter that sparkles like Elsa’s dress. The scent is snow, winter berries and ice, and it’s GORGEOUS. Delicate and lovely.


Rapunzel’s Tower

This is my absolute favourite candle in this box! It smells of waterfalls, peach and linen, and I can’t convey accurately how beautiful it is! The peach is not overpowering and the subtle undertones of crisp linen really complement it. And look how stunning it is! Beautifully blue just like the view of the sky from Rapunzel’s tower, with gold glitter hinting at that magical golden flower. I just love it.


Ariel’s Secret Grotto

Finally, we have Ariel’s secret grotto which smells like coral, sea breeze and treasures. This candle is a beautiful sea glass colour and really conjures visions of beachy days.


I couldn’t be happier with this box! Everything about the candles is beautiful, even down to the labels. The only issue now will be whether I can bring myself to light them!!

Here’s my full unboxing!


Did anyone else get this box? Which was your favourite candle? And does anyone else have an internal struggle when it comes to lighting their candles?!

July FairyLoot Unboxing!

The theme for July’s FairyLoot was Tricksters. Thanks to the hints dropped on social media, I was able to guess what the featured book would be and I am so excited to read it!

The featured book was Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody. It’s set in the travelling Gomorrah festival and is one of my most anticipated reads of the year! It sounds dark and delicious. Plus the hardback is so incredibly beautiful. Major heart eyes.

Loki Body Lotion by Geeky Clean

The first item included in this month’s box was an exclusive body lotion from Geeky Clean. I love their products so I was very happy to receive this. The scent is ‘dragon’s blood’ and it smells awesome!

Fortune Teller oven glove by FairyLoot

This was such an original item! As I’m currently saving up to get a place of my own, I’m going to keep this for my nice new kitchen; then I’ll get a smile every time I make dinner!

Harry Potter playing cards

These playing cards are officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise, which is super cool. They feature the four Hogwarts houses and they’re absolutely gorgeous. Playing cards are always handy to have for parties/family gatherings (if, like me, you have to force yourself to be sociable once every 6 months). My old set of cards, which were nowhere near as exciting, were getting a bit tatty, so I’m very pleased to have received a shiny new set that also display my fandom pride.

Sherlock tin mug by Fictiontea Designs

I’m thinking I might take this Sherlock mug to work; since I work with vulnerable children, there’s always a risk of things getting broken but with this being tin, it will be safe! Either that, or it will sit on my shelf storing bookmarks. I don’t know yet. I’m an indecisive pineapple.

Six of Crows bookmark by Lexy Olivia

I’m obsessed with beautiful bookmarks and Lexy Olivia makes some of the most gorgeous ones out there! This Six of Crows bookmark features a quote on one side and a stunning feather on the other, and I’m simply in love with it.

Harley Quinn art print by Miss Phi

Based on the movie Suicide Squad, this print features a Harley Quinn quote and the colours are gorgeous. This is not the first time FairyLoot and Miss Phi have collaborated and I hope it won’t be the last either because the products created are always stunning!


The box also featured a signed bookplate, letter from the author and bookmark featuring the monthly FairyLoot artwork. I always love these little extras. The theme for the August box is ‘Otherworlds’ and I have an idea what the book might be (if I’m right, it’s another of my highly anticipated reads!) The September theme was recently revealed as ‘All That Sass’ based on our favourite sassy characters (yasss Nikolai). However, I don’t know what the book could be so that will be a nice surprise!



Is anyone else a FairyLoot subscriber? What did you think of this box? Do you like the August and September themes?


May FairyLoot Unboxing!

The theme for May’s FairyLoot was Warriors and Legends!

May’s featured book was Flame in the Mist by Renee Adhieh! This was a highly anticipated release from the author of The Wrath and the Dawn duology, and was billed as a Mulan retelling set in feudal Japan. For once, I read the Fairy Loot book as soon as I received it (I have a bad habit of leaving them sitting on my shelf for months, oops). It was good but unfortunately, I didn’t love it as much as I’d hoped I would. You can read my spoiler-free review here.


‘Flame’ candle by In the Wick of Time

There were two possible candles in this month’s box: ‘Flame’ and ‘Mist’. Apparently, these were named by the author herself! I received ‘Flame’ and it smells like orange blossom and mint, which is a combination I would never have put together but it actually really works! I love how regularly FairyLoot include candles in their boxes.

Woodmark by Ink and Wonder

Ink and Wonder created an exclusive bookmark based on The Lord of the Rings. It’s completely gorgeous! I’ve never owned a ‘woodmark’ before and I was worried it would be really chunky and not fit in my books; however, it’s actually really thin and beautiful. I may have to purchase more from this shop in future. (You all know I can’t resist a pretty bookmark!)

Warriors & Legends Tea Blend by The Tea Leaf Co.

May’s box also featured an exclusive tea blend of green tea with hints of lychee and jasmine. The tea came in a lovely little tin and smells gorgeous! I haven’t tried it yet but I’m planning to brew it up on a special day, curl up with a book and relax.

Celtic socks by FairyLoot

I’m always a fan of socks so this was one of my favourite items in the box. The socks feature an all-over celtic knot design and are really comfy! Perfect for #socksunday pictures!

Word Mythology in Bite-Sized Chunks by Mark Daniels

That’s right, there were TWO books in May’s box! This was a very pleasant surprise. I’ve always been interested in world mythology so this interesting little book should be the perfect way to find out more! It has sections on Australian/Maori, Sumerian, Egyptian, Chinese, American Indian, South & Central American, Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology!!

Metallic Feather Pen by Flora’s Wonder Emporium

Lastly, there was a super cool feather pen. I defy anyone not to feel awesome when using it. I got the pink one but I believe there were other colours sent out too. I’m going to display mine in a mug on my bookcase!


As usual, there were also some extra items included such as a sampler for an upcoming release, bookmark, signed bookplate and letter from the author! These special touches are part of what keep me coming back to FairyLoot. June’s box is based on elemental magic and the July theme was just released – ‘tricksters’! I have a fair idea what both books are and if I’m right, then I’m super excited for them!!


Is anyone else a FairyLoot subscriber? Or do you subscribe to any other subscription boxes (bookish or not)?