About Me



Hello lovelies! Thanks so much for paying my blog a visit.

My name is Alex. I am a twenty-something psychology graduate with a huge weakness for books. I currently work as a project worker in a supported living unit for adults with mental health issues, and I’m studying for my diploma in psychotherapy.

I’m also a passionate musician and have recently started sharing some of my piano performances on YouTube under the handle Alex Plays.

rainbow bookshelves home library

Over the years, I’ve had my own mental health battles and although I’m doing much better these days, reading is still my escapism, helping me cope with life’s ups and downs. My rainbow bookshelves are overflowing but I have no intention of cutting down anytime soon!

I’m a self-confessed nature girl, always happy to chase waterfalls or wander through the trees. And I’m a sucker for a pretty sunrise/sunset.

I love to chat with like-minded bookworms so feel free to contact me! You can reach me through the blog or through Instagram or Twitter. I’m also on Goodreads.

My review policy

I read a wide range of genres; my favourites are fantasy, magical realism, historical fiction and contemporary, but I will give most things a try. I do reserve the right to say no to a book if I feel it is not something I would enjoy or if I do not have time to give a book the attention it deserves.

I am based in the UK and I am, regrettably, currently unable to accept ebooks. If you would like to suggest your book for review, you can find my contact details on my ‘Get in Touch’ page.

I average anything from 8-16 books a month and always endeavour to review books I am sent within a timely fashion. I share my reviews across all of my social media platforms.

I am also open to collaborations such as guest posts and author interviews.