Happy release day to ‘Across The Ice’!

Happy October everyone! And a very happy book birthday to Dana Fraedrich and her latest release, Across the Ice!

Some of you may remember me reviewing Dana’s debut Out of the Shadows a couple of years ago. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Dana and later reviewed her standalone set in the Broken Gears universe, Raven’s Cry. So you could say I have been a champion of Dana’s writing from the beginning.

I was therefore delighted recently when Dana contacted me and asked me to be a member of her ARC team for her latest release, the conclusion to the Broken Gears trilogy! I’ll have a review coming your way soon but if you’re interested in reading the book for yourself, it’s available from today!

Look how good they look together:-


I don’t want to share the full blurb for this final book as it has spoilers for the previous instalments, but this bit is safe to show you:-

Across the Ice is the thrilling conclusion to Lenore’s storyline in the captivating Broken Gears YA steampunk fantasy series. For fans of Gail Carriger, Namoi Novik, and Garth Nix. If you like smart heroines, forgotten magic, and rich Victorian settings, then you’ll love Dana Fraedrich’s intriguing adventure.

So yes, if you enjoy steampunk books, you should definitely consider supporting this lovely author! And look out for my full series review soon!

Happy book birthday, Dana!

Dana Fraedrich Author Pic.jpg

Dana Fraedrich is an independent author, dog lover, and self-professed geek. Even from a young age, she enjoyed writing down the stories that she imagined in her mind. Born and raised in Virginia, she earned her BFA from Roanoke College and is now carving out her own happily ever after in Nashville, TN with her husband and two dogs. Dana is always writing; more books are on the way!

4 thoughts on “Happy release day to ‘Across The Ice’!

    • It depends really! I would recommend going in publishing order (so Out of the Shadows first) just to get the Easter eggs in Raven’s Cry. But I personally preferred the writing in Raven’s Cry! It just depends if you want to dive straight into the trilogy or get a feel for the world first. And Raven’s Cry is set first chronologically.

      Sorry, I know that doesn’t really help! But I would love for you to try any of them 😀


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