Alex’s Alphabeticals: F

Ok, ok. You don’t need to say it. I’m ashamed of myself for how this blog series is going. I want to give a special shoutout to those of you who are doing much better than me at regularly posting πŸ˜€ You are motivating me to do better!

If anyone else wants to jump on board, here’s how to participate!

  1. Credit/link back to me so I can see your posts!
  2. List your favourite Authors, Books and Characters beginning with a certain letter of the alphabet
  3. Do as many or as few letters as you want

Simple as that! Some people also add on Series, which you are welcome to do if you wish πŸ™‚ The point is to have fun!

Authors beginning with ‘F’

perfect crimeHelen Fields

Helen Fields is the author of my favourite thriller series; she blows me away with each instalment. I recently received book five from the publisher and I’m planning to read it soon!

hell's teeth.jpgJames Fahy

I discovered James Fahy over on Instagram and he’s always stimulating interesting conversations. He also writes seriously badass female characters in his Phoebe Harkness series.


Dana Fraedrich

Dana is an American indie author whom I had the pleasure of interviewing right here on the blog! She is the author of the brilliant Broken Gears series, which I definitely recommend if you like steampunk. Feel free to check out my reviews of Out of the Shadows and Raven’s Cry.

daughter of the burning city.jpgAmanda Foody

So I’ve only read one book by Amanda Foody but I absolutely adored it. It was 100% my aesthetic. I’ve got Ace of Shades on my TBR shelf and since the sequel came out recently, I’m thinking of bumping it up the list!

Books beginning with ‘F’

five children and it

Five Children and It

I never read this children’s classic when I was a youngster but I loved it when I finally discovered it. Obviously, there are a couple of problematic moments that are an unavoidable by-product of the era but overall, this is a wholesome and charming story with an endearing cast of characters.

frozen charlotte.jpgFrozen Charlotte

A surprisingly creepy YA horror! I enjoyed getting immersed in this one on a stormy afternoon; definitely recommend reading it in October!


Would you believe, it’s been so long since I read this that I don’t even have a review up on Goodreads?! I’m due a reread very soon. But I do remember really relating to Cath and loving the whole autumn college aesthetic.

the forgotten girlThe Forgotten Girl

A recent favourite! I took part in the blog tour for this one last month, pushing myself out of my comfort zone in the process. And I really really enjoyed it!

Characters beginning with ‘F’

bone gapFinn

You better believe that I will take every possible opportunity to shout about Bone Gap, because it is one of my all-time favourites. Finn is such a sweet and special character.


Speaking of Finns, this one is pretty good too. He adds so much to this already-amazing book.

So those are my favourite authors, books and characters beginning with ‘F’! Hopefully it won’t take me as long to get my ‘G’ post done!! xsignature (2)

3 thoughts on “Alex’s Alphabeticals: F

  1. Fun list! I haven’t read any books by the authors you mention, but Out of the Shadows sounds fun so hopefully I’ll be able to pick that up soon.

    I love that you have multiple characters on this list whose names match! Fun serendipity. πŸ™‚


    • I hope you give it a go and that you love it! Dana will be so pleased that you like the sound of it 😊 And yes, apparently I have a thing for Finns!


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