Harry Potter 10 Years On: The Half-Blood Prince

Time to reflect on my reread of the penultimate book in the Harry Potter series! Two weeks tomorrow, I’ll be flying to London for the studio tour!

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Initial Thoughts…

I forgot how much I like this one! The opening scene is great.

I want a Pygmy Puff!

I wish Neville and Luna had a bit more faith in themselves, they break my heart.

I get so panicked when Harry is stuck in the train!

Rowling continues to astound me with her character and plot development.

The backstory! Gah.

Ron and Ginny arguing about snogging, hahaha

Oh my days, the angst is REAL.

The Christmas chapters are always sooo good.

Harry putting the minister in his place, yasss go on son.

Dumbledore is so sassy in this book.

Luna commentating on the Quidditch game gives me life.

Ron’s comedy is some of its best in this book.

The horcrux plot is honestly mind-blowing.

The room of requirement scene! The clues! The foreshadowing!

“I am not worried, Harry. I am with you.” Crying.

The end of this book is so dark and dramatic.

dumbledore funeral.gif

Thoughts Upon Finishing…

I vividly remember queuing in W.H.Smith to get this on release day. This series was such a formative influence in my youth and I am completely loving revisiting it.

I always think I don’t like this book as much as I do but it’s actually the movie that irritates me, because it leaves out so much awesome stuff and focuses mostly on the romantic angst! I think I disagree with the director’s choice to make the relationships as big a deal as the Voldemort plot haha.

Yet again, Rowling’s character development is superb and the way she leaves little clues of what is to come has made this such a rewarding series to revisit. Even if it does have me shouting at the pages trying to warn everybody!

I’m now so excited to complete this journey with the final book! Though I’m not ready to be emotionally destroyed…

half blood prince.jpg

Where does this book rank for you? What are your thoughts on the movie adaptation? Let me know in the comments! x

10 thoughts on “Harry Potter 10 Years On: The Half-Blood Prince

  1. I don’t actually have as much of a problem with the movie adaption with this one. I think I used up all of my HP Movie Version anger in Book 3 and am not allowed to have any more. 😉

    This is one of the books that I enjoy a lot more upon re-reading it than I did the first time around. But it give so many mixed feelings about Dumbledore. Ugh.


  2. Oh — and I’m so jealous about the studio tour! That sounds so fun! I hope you’ll be able to take pictures to share (though I know that’s not always possible).


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