Harry Potter 10 Years On: The Order of the Phoenix

I’m powering towards the end of the Harry Potter series, in preparation for my visit to the studio tour at the end of June! I’m getting really excited to go there now that the story is fresh in my mind!

In case you’ve missed my previous posts documenting my first reread of Harry Potter in a decade, you can find them here:-

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And now, onto book five! As always, I’ve tried to avoid major spoilers but beware of minor ones… 😉

Initial Thoughts…

I have to admit, this is one of my least favourites of the series.

So nice to see Lupin again!

Tonks is very cool. I vibe with her look a lot 😉


I bloody love Sirius. He looks out for Harry so well.

Molly and Sirius arguing makes me so uncomfortable.

Dumbledore saying he doesn’t want to be taken off the chocolate frog cards cracks me up.

I forgot Sirius and Tonks were related!

The old junk when they’re clearing out the house!! The foreshadowing here!!

Ron and Hermione being made prefects – LOL

Mrs Weasley facing the boggart is just so sad.

As if we’re only just meeting Luna?!


And bowtruckles! I love seeing all of these fantastic beasts!

Hermione is actually quite mean to Luna and I don’t like it.

What Umbridge does to Harry is legit TORTURE. What a hag.

Percy is a d**k.

Dobby wearing a million hats, omg, he’s too funny

I have a lot of angry feelings about people in this book!

I could have cried when Umbridge inspected Hagrid’s lesson.

The scene in St Mungo’s is heartbreaking!

Exam stress is a MOOD.

Chapter 35 is so stressful and devastating, what an emotional rollercoaster.

order of the phoenix.jpg

Thoughts Upon Finishing…

As you can see from my initial reading reactions, I had a lot of strong emotional responses to this book! Rereading this one has reminded me why it is one of my least favourites in the series; significant plot events notwithstanding, I have a lot of negative feelings towards a lot of characters in this book. I just didn’t really like the way it made me feel at times.

Don’t get me wrong, though. It’s Harry Potter, so I still love it. It just ranks less highly when I put the books in order of preference!

J. K. Rowling is a master of her craft when it comes to plot arcs and foreshadowing, and I just adore the development of this series even if this instalment upsets me at times. I honestly can’t cope with that ending!

Moving straight on to book six, which I’m very excited to reread!

order of the phoenix

What are your thoughts on the fifth Harry Potter? Let me know in the comments x

5 thoughts on “Harry Potter 10 Years On: The Order of the Phoenix

  1. I love this post! This one used to be one of my least favorites, but it’s become one of my favorites upon re-reading. I just love the spirit of Dumbledore’s Army! And Lupin, I love Lupin so much ❤️ I’m glad you think Hermione’s mean to Luna in this book too, that always bothered me. I love them both, but Hermione’s judgmental side definitley came out and I don’t like it.


    • Thank you! 😊 Oh that’s so interesting how your feelings have changed! The DA is definitely one of the best aspects of this book 💜 I’m so glad you agree about Hermione! I don’t think it’s something I ever picked up on as a kid but it upset me this time around because Luna is AWESOME.


  2. I love Lupin, so I’m always glad to see him in the books. Other than that (and finally meeting Luna), though, this book is hands-down my least favorite of the Potter books and I read it the least frequently.

    I didn’t notice on my first read-through that Hermione was *SO* rude to Luna, either. At first I saw it as “oh, look, she really is human and not perfect” but on re-reading it, her reaction to Luna is just horrid. Proof that Hermione is not a Hufflepuff, I guess.


    • I agree, the characters make this one – but even with them, it just isn’t the best for me! And you’re absolutely right. I always viewed Hermione as this paragon but she’s definitely not always a nice person. I guess this is the hazard of rereading!


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