Music Monday – On Golden Pond

Happy Music Monday everyone 🙂

Today, I’ve got a lesser-known piece for you. It’s the main theme from the 1981 movie On Golden Pond, starring Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda and his daughter Jane. The film centres on an elderly couple living by a lake in New England, and it’s seriously gorgeous.

The film’s soundtrack was written by Dave Grusin and fits the tone of the movie perfectly. Grusin described the score as a departure from his usual style, in terms of how much emphasis was given to the piano.

I’ve heard a few interpretations of this song and some play it a bit faster than I do but I think it’s such a beautiful piece that it deserves not to be rushed. I hope it brings some peace and tranquility to your Monday ❤

6 thoughts on “Music Monday – On Golden Pond

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