Mini Reviews: The ‘Perfect’ Series by Helen Fields

Throughout this year, I have been working my way through the ‘Perfect’ series by Helen Fields. Guys, this is by far my favourite thriller series. You can find my review of book one, Perfect Remainshere.

Since people aren’t always interested in sequel reviews, I’m going to keep my thoughts on Perfect Prey, Perfect Death, and Perfect Silence brief and just do bullet points 🙂

A huge thank you to Avon Books for providing me with a free copy of this series!

Perfect Prey

This book in one sentence: Graffiti describing murder victims is appearing around the city of Edinburgh… before the victims are turning up dead.

  • This second book jumps straight back into the action with no messing around
  • Even more gripping than the first instalment; no time wasted on introducing characters
  • A great cast – it felt comfortable, like visiting old friends
  • Gory book is gory
  • Absolutely brutal twists!

perfect prey

Perfect Death

This book in one sentence: A killer watches from afar as his victims die slowly from poisoning.

  • Slightly slower in pace than book two
  • Less gruesome (what can I say, I’m here for the blood)
  • Hugely compelling plot that had me reading late into the night
  • Fantastic dynamics between the characters
  • A great exploration of gender roles in the police force; Fields writes brilliant female characters!
  • Raised the fascinating question of nature vs nurture

perfect death.jpg

Perfect Silence

This book in one sentence: Someone is abducting women and making dolls out of their skin. Yikes.

  • Definitely the most gruesome instalment yet, yesss
  • Links back to the previous books while never letting the story stagnate; everything is constantly moving forward
  • Once again, jumps straight into the action and doesn’t hang around
  • The righteous anger of protagonist Ava is exhilarating to read and drags the reader along, making it impossible not to root for her
  • Some adorable baby moments
  • A nice reference to my hometown – though I wish it could have got more page-time!

perfect silence

Overall, I cannot recommend this series enough. Fields’ plots are superbly clever; these are no bog-standard, generic thrillers. I think that’s what keeps me coming back to this series again and again. I’m invested in the lives of the characters and I am never EVER bored. If you like gritty stories with realistic characters, you need to get your hands on Perfect Remains.

I cannot wait for book five in the Spring!

2 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: The ‘Perfect’ Series by Helen Fields

  1. LOL, these books sound terrible, and I mean that in the kindest way possible! *giggling* So, my kind of gruesome extends to Silence of the Lambs and will accept books by Brian Evenson (YOU MUST READ ALTMANN’S TONGUE). However, when we start getting into torture, I’m outtie! These books sound like torture-fests. 🙂


    • Yeah, I guess I didn’t really sell them haha. But they’re honestly not torture-fests. Yes, the crimes are surprising in their intensity but they are just small parts of the bigger story. Clearly not for everyone though! 😉


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