2018 Non-Bookish Favourites!

Hey friends! I love seeing what everyone enjoy besides reading so I wanted to do a quick post highlighting some of my non-bookish favourites from this year 🙂

Movies & TV

I didn’t watch a whole lot of stuff in 2018 as I really was making reading my priority, but I had a few standout viewing experiences.

The Greatest Showman: I gave in to the hype because EVERYONE at work was singing these songs and they were pretty catchy. I’m thankful that this movie definitely lived up to the hype! It’s such an empowering story with a great soundtrack and I really think this one will stand the test of time. Yes, it’s a bit corny but we all need a little of that every now and then, don’t we?

Vanity Fair: At first, I wasn’t really interested in the ITV adaptation of Thackeray’s classic, having never read it. However, the more I saw the adverts, the more intrigued I got. I ended up loving the sarcastic humour of Becky Sharp and enjoyed the show so much that I requested the book for Christmas. And my wish was granted! I will be reading Vanity Fair in 2019.

Bohemian Rhapsody: I’ve always been a fan of Queen’s music but this film has ignited a full-on obsession in me. Seriously, I am now listening to a Queen song every day just to get my fix. Nobody say a bad word about Freddie Mercury or I will fight you 😉


I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been alternating between Queen’s Greatest Hits and The Greatest Showman OST. But I did listen to some other stuff this year too 😉

George Ezra: Ezra has released some cracking tunes this year. Many of them are, for me, tied together with fond memories of summer days at work, taking the young people I support out for daytrips.

Pentatonix: I’ve loved Pentatonix since I discovered them a few years ago but there was a period at the start of this year when I had their album on repeat in my car CONSTANTLY. I gave them a rest for a few months… and then started listening to their Christmas albums haha. They are so talented (though I’m still devastated that Avi left!)

Kodaline: I also went through a bit of a Kodaline phase in the middle of the year. I just really love the harmonies, as well as the cute stories they tell in their songs.


Shrek the Musical: This year, the company of Shrek the Musical did a UK tour and I went to see them on opening night in Belfast. The show was uproariously funny, with some very catchy tunes.

Disney on Ice: I also got to relive my childhood this year by going to Disney on Ice! I took my young cousins and it made a lovely family memory that I will cherish.

Buying a house: It amazes me that this time last year, I went to view a couple of houses to get an idea of the market/housing prices etc. I stumbled upon a house that I loved and decided to pursue it – and in April this year, it became mine! I love living by the sea.

Starting my diploma: Another big development in my life this year was that I was offered a place on a counselling course. This came totally out of the blue as I hadn’t expected to go back to studying until Autumn 2019 but it was too good an opportunity to turn down. I’m so glad to be making progress towards my career goals!

What were some of your non-bookish highlights this year? Did anything take you by surprise? Do we share any favourite movies or music? Let me know in the comments! And if you’re a Queen fan, please join me in my obsession! 😉 x


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