Harry Potter 10 Years On: The Chamber of Secrets

Hey everyone! I’m continuing my reread of the Harry Potter series and today, I’m bringing you my thoughts on book two: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! Once again, please proceed with caution as there may be some spoilers in this post…

Initial Thoughts…

Oh wow. I was only 5 when this book came out!

The Dursleys are actually vile.

I forgot how much amazing stuff was in this book! Dobby, the flying car, the Whomping Willow, the mandrakes…

Love getting to see more of Mr and Mrs Weasley!

Aah I remember de-gnoming the garden in the playstation game, it was great fun!

Lockhart really is ridiculous.

Ugh the deathday party, I always found this bit boring.

I laughed far too hard when Lockhart said “I remember something very similar happening in Ouagadougou”!

Surely it would have made sense to find out the way to the Slytherin common room before taking the Polyjuice potion? Then they wouldn’t have wasted so much time?

Really though, I love Hogwarts but what kind of school would stay open when kids are being attacked left, right and centre?!

I didn’t find the spiders nearly as creepy when I was younger… *shudders*

Nothing will ever be as mind-blowing as that twist at the end.

harry potter and the chamber of secrets.jpg

Thoughts Upon Finishing…

I always say that this is my least favourite book in the series. I think it’s because it’s in that in between stage of still setting up the world and not yet being into the full swing of the overarching plot. Even so, there are so many amazing things that are introduced in this book! Some seriously awesome details.

And it’s the start of the backstory! Rowling’s foreshadowing is sublime and her overarching plot is really so clever. I obviously never recognised it when I was younger but when you know what’s coming down the line, it’s fascinating to see the clues Rowling laid right back at this early stage. Like, she actually comes out and tells you what’s going to happen in the last book but you don’t recognise it because it’s hiding in plain sight. 

Plus, this is the book that gives us Dobby. So damn precious. I can’t wait for more of the house elves. I also love that this book continues to show Hermione’s worth; seriously, Harry would get nowhere without this girl. As amazing as her character is in the films, she is even better in the books. I love her character growth. 

I can’t wait to read book three (my favourite!)

harry potter and the chamber of secrets.jpg

What are your thoughts on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? x

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter 10 Years On: The Chamber of Secrets

  1. One of my HP favourites – really hilarious, exciting, love it.
    I don’t see how they could’ve found out the way to the Slytherin common room before taking the potion – as it would seem suspicious for Gryffindors to be doing that.
    The deathday party not one of the best scenes, there was no point including in the film version because of no Peeves in the films. 🙂


  2. This is also my least favourite book – just finished it yesterday – I think because there’s less detail about everyday life in Hogwarts, which is part of what I love so much about Harry Potter! But J.K. Rowling’s foreshadowing and plotting is just brilliant, I’m actually so in awe of her skills.


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