2018 Resolutions Recap and 2019 Bookish Goals!

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are relaxing with some great books today πŸ™‚

Last year, I combined my favourite reads of the year with my review of my 2018 bookish goals. However, the post ended up miiiles long so this year I’m separating them – you can expect my top reads of 2018 soon! But for now, let’s see if I stuck to my 2018 bookish resolutions!

2018 Goals

Allow myself to reread

I’m pleased to say that I have reread 15 books this year, including starting my first reread of the Harry Potter series in ten years! I’m planning to continue with this in 2019 as I really love returning to old favourites and remembering what is so wonderful about them. I’ve already got a big list of books I want to reread.


Read more of the Discworld series

Ok, I majorly dropped the ball on this one. I only read one Discworld book all year! It was genuinely a case of ‘so many books, so little time’. I’m probably not going to have this as an official resolution again next year but I will keep it in the back of my mind when choosing my reads because I really do want to make progress through Pratchett’s epic series.



Read predominantly from my own bookshelf

I knew I’d failed this one but I didn’t realise quite how spectacularly. I’m actually ashamed at how few books I read from my own shelves. The majority of the books I’ve read this year were either review books sent to me by publishers or books I was enticed into buying. I didn’t think I was doing too badly but it turns out even if you’re buying backlist titles, they still count as new additions to your shelf. Who knew?


In 2018, I participated in the Pop Sugar challenge for the third year in a row. Towards the end of this year, I actually decided to give up on the challenge because I just wasn’t interested in reading books purely to tick off challenge prompts. The decision caused me a lot of angst, as I am such a perfectionist and hate to quit on anything, but I think I made the right call. I won’t be doing the challenge in 2019; instead, I’ll be focusing on getting through some of the backlog of books I’ve acquired in the last 3 years.

Goals for 2019

Read more books with mental health rep

I make no secret of the fact that I have my own mental health struggles, as well as working in the mental health sector, so I’d love to explore how more authors represent mental health in their books.


Conquer my fear of big books

I didn’t read very many long books (over 500 pages) this year but the ones I did read ended up being some of my favourite books of the year! I’ve got a few larger books sitting on my shelves that I’d really love to try in 2019; I’m definitely in the mood to immerse myself in a chunky tome.



Read more from favourite authors

I have a strange habit of discovering an author I love and subsequently avoiding their books because I don’t want to run out! So I’m going to try and stop being ridiculous in 2019 and read more of the books I’ve collected by favourite authors. Some examples include Leigh Bardugo, Patrick Ness, Susanna Kearsley and Christina Henry.


Try some non-fiction books

I’ve always had a fear of non-fiction but I know there are some fantastic titles out there. I’m looking to ease myself in with a few memoirs and book-related titles first, before tackling some heavier subjects that I’m interested in.


rainbow bookshelves home library

Of course, my main goal in 2019 is to read some of my backlist titles. I may need the help of a challenge such as ‘Beat the Backlist’ or ‘The Unread Shelf Project’, but I’m determined to get my TBR under control!

This year, I set my Goodreads goal at 100 books and managed to beat it quite significantly. Next year, I’m planning to set it at a lower number in order to allow myself to read some of those tomes I talked about. And I want to get back to reading for fun, not just to beat a number!


What were some of your reading resolutions this year? Did you manage to stay on track? Let me know in the comments! x

20 thoughts on “2018 Resolutions Recap and 2019 Bookish Goals!

  1. Congrats on exceeding your Goodreads goal! πŸ™‚ I will be increasing my Goodreads goal to 60 books, because this year I set out to read 50 and I’ve exceeded that (my best reading year in a long time!). And I want to read more non-fiction in 2019, and will be following a similar method as you are to ease myself into the genre (bookish related non-fiction and memoirs).


  2. Those are such great resolutions! Did you know there’s a mental health bingo reading challenge going on in January? It could be a great way to get you pumped to read more MH books. What The Log Had to Say has a really good recommendation post for all the prompts.

    Also, if you’re looking for nonfiction recommendations, Whats Nonfiction is my faaaavorite nonfiction book blogger. She recommends all kinds of nonfiction books β€” from true crime, to memoirs, to collections of essays, biographies, and so much more! November is also the month when the Nonfiction November challenge takes place, so that may be the time when you want to join us!

    Congrats on reading more than 100 books. Wow!! 🌟 Have a great rest of 2018!


  3. I managed to stay mostly on track this year, though not entirely. I’ll have a post about it soon but the TL;DR version is that I beat my Goodreads goal (even after increasing the number of books mid-way through the year) and didn’t do as much Backlist reading or Bucket List reading as I had planned.

    If you are looking for Backlist reading challenges, the one I did this year was hosted by Lark. She’s doing it again for 2019 if you wanted to play along: https://bookwyrmshoard.com/challenges/the-backlist-reader-challenge-2019-rules-and-sign-ups/


  4. Good luck for 2019! I’ve never heard of the Backlist reading challenge, but it sounds awesome. You should also join in on Nonfiction November next year to read more nonfiction books πŸ˜‰ I also plan on rereading more books in 2019.


  5. Kudos to you managing to reread so many books! I’ve only reread… one book. It’s a shame, because there are definitely some favorites I’d like to revisit!

    For big books, I do try to read at least one big book a year (which I refer to as ‘The Brick’, as I try to go for something that’s around 1000 pages or more). This year, I’ve read The Count of Monte Cristo. Last year, it was Stephen King’s It. I have a few more unread books on my shelf that qualify for 2019’s brick.

    My other goal is to lower the amount of unread books lying around on my bookshelf.


    • Thank you! It was hard at times with so many unread books surrounding me but it’s something I really wanted to make the effort with. I just adore going back and remembering what I love about certain books!

      I love your brick idea – serious respect to you for getting through those two huge books! I’m interested to see what you’ll choose for 2019 πŸ™‚

      And yes, getting those unread books under control is my top goal, I think! ❀


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