My favourite blog posts of September 2018!

Hello my lovelies! I’m here again with my monthly post detailing content you guys have put out that I have loved! I really wanted to blog hop more this month but, unfortunately, life got in the way. But I’m going to try really hard in October so that I can present you guys with some different blogs to follow πŸ˜‰ In the meantime, I hope you love all of these posts!



Becky wrote a great review of The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White. This is one of the first reviews I’ve seen for this book and it’s nice that Becky gave a balanced opinion.

The Captain reviewed The Singer’s Gun, a book by the author of Station Eleven. I have been wanting to read another book by Emily St John Mandel since falling in love with Station Eleven 3 years ago, but I never hear anyone talking about her other books – so it was great to find this review!

Heather wrote a fantastic review of Toil and Trouble: 16 Tales of Women and Witchcraft. It was great to read Heather’s thoughts on each story in this anthology and I was especially pleased to see that she didn’t rate any of the stories less than 3 stars!

Becky wrote a lovely review of The Clockmaker’s Daughter. Kate Morton’s books have been on my TBR for years and I’m ashamed that she’s just released a new one and I still haven’t tried any! But I’ve never heard a bad word said so I’m still hopeful that I will get to them at some point.

Joana reviewed Tash Hearts Tolstoy, a contemporary that I love the sound of! Joanna’s review has definitely bumped this one higher up my wishlist.

Rachel wrote another fantastically eloquent review, this one for Normal People, which made it onto the Man Booker 2018 Longlist. I love that, even though Rachel and I read totally different kinds of books, she can always pique my interest in books I might not have otherwise considered.

Tess reviewed My Best Friend’s Exorcism which I’m really excited to read this October! This book sounds seriously awesome.

Melanie wrote a wonderful review of Small Spaces by Katherine Arden. I loved The Bear and the Nightingale by this author but I’ve been unsure whether to take a chance on this, her middle-grade offering. Melanie’s review decided it for me; I’m looking forward to reading this one in October.

Zuky recommended some short stories, complete with mini reviews! I’ve been really enjoying short stories lately so I’m glad to have added some more to my list to try.

Mandy reviewed Ten After Closing, a book I hadn’t heard of but have definitely added to my wishlist!

Cait reviewed Blackbird of the Gallows in her usual witty way and brought to my attention a great-sounding book!



Kristilyn discussed how her feelings towards blogging have changed over the years and it is so refreshing to read an honest account about how much pressure there is on bloggers!

Callum outlined what makes a 5-star read for him and we have so many things in common!

Marie asked why book tags and memes are so popular – something I’ve often wondered myself! This was a great discussion post.

Krysta asked where all the realistic male characters are in YA novels, generating an interesting discussion.

Inside My Library Mind gave some great advice on how to blog when you aren’t necessarily getting much reading done. I always welcome blogging tips.


Other fun posts

Swetlana described a day in the life of a bookworm and gave me a really good giggle! Definitely relate.

Sim talked about some of her weird reading habits and it was nice to find out that other people do strange things too!

Kelly usually features in my posts based on her discussions but this month, she created her very own book tag! It’s based on high school stereotypes and you should all try it out!

Someone else that created an original tag this month wasΒ Nandini. This one is based on The Fellowship of the Ring so you all know I will be trying it very soon!

Rachel wrote an A-Z list of YA releases coming up September-November. The concept for this post is seriously cool and I look forward to more of them in the future!

Cat made a list of books you can read in one day and added yet more titles to my growing wishlist. Anyone know the secret to immortality?!


Thanks, as always, to all of you lovely bloggers who put in so much effort every month (and not just the ones I’ve featured here). I love this community. x

24 thoughts on “My favourite blog posts of September 2018!

  1. Well shiver me timbers matey! Twas nice to see me name pop up on yer list. I do hope that when ye read the singer’s gun (cause how can ye not after me stellar review?) ye love it as much as I did. It is a story that I keep thinking about even if I didn’t love all the characters. I be wondering what happened to them. Which seems silly now that I think about it. But there it be. Now off to spy on some of these people who aren’t yet on me crew. Ye know just in case. Arrr!
    x The Captain


  2. Ooooh, I’ve been deciding about Small Spaces, too, since authors can either really flourish or do not as well with middle grade. Katherine Arden’s book seems so so good, though, and I’m glad a review solidified it. Thank you for including my review, and I hope you enjoy the book! Great post! πŸ™‚


  3. Awh, love! This warmed my heart so much! I can’t wait to hear you thoughts on Small Spaces! Such a creepy, little, powerful, important book! Seriously, I haven’t stopped thinking about it! Happy reading and happy October, love! πŸ’›xx


  4. Thank you so much for including me on this list! I loved reading through the other posts too! Speaking of figuring out the secret to immortality, have you read ‘The Bone Clocks’ by David Mitchell? I’m listening to it on Audible and it has such an interesting take on this. Not that I’d dare add to that endless tbr πŸ˜‰


    • You’re very welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed them πŸ™‚ And yes, I have actually! I really enjoyed both it and Slade House. I’ve got some other David Mitchell on my shelf that I’m hoping to read next year – his take on immortality is certainly an interesting one! ❀


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