‘My Bad Reading Habits’ tag!

Hi everyone! I was tagged by The Orangutan Librarian (who you should definitely be following!) for the ‘Bad Reading Habits’ tag – no judgement here please!

don't judge me supernatural dean winchester.gif


Bad Habit #1: Judging Books By Their Covers

I’m very guilty of this one! I can’t help it; publishers seem to have realised recently that pretty covers SELL and they have been absolutely blessing our eyeballs. I do try to only pick up ones that have an interesting synopsis as well or that I would be interested in reading regardless of what they looked like, but I’m definitely less selective these days and more likely to impulse-buy a book if it has a nice cover!

Pretty covers with just as gorgeous stories…

(There were so many I could have chosen but I decided to pick some that I haven’t featured very often!)

Books that didn’t live up to their pretty covers…


Books I really hope will live up to their gorgeous covers…


Bad Habit #2: Avoiding Longer Books

I can’t help it; I have commitment issues. If a book is longer than 400 pages, I am a lot less likely to pick it up. It’s a shame, really, because I know there are some fantastic longer books out there – and don’t get me wrong, I do read them! But if I’m undecided about what to read next, I’m definitely more likely to pick a shorter book. I think I like the sense of achievement it gives me because reading shorter books means I can get through more in a month, whereas it can take me a week to read a 600-page book and then I feel like I’m falling behind. I’m fully aware of how ridiculous this is so I do try to make a point of picking up longer books when I feel I can.


Bad Habit #3: Ignoring My Backlist

I’m trying so hard to stop doing this but it’s really difficult; I need all the shiny new books!! I’m so bad at buying books and then leaving them sitting on my shelf because something else comes out and I get too excited about it. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this but I’m making a conscious effort this year to try and read some of the books that have been sitting on my shelves for a while. I’m not actively depriving myself of new releases if I truly can’t wait to read them but I’m definitely not buying as many; they’ll still be there waiting for me when I eventually have the time for them!

book piles .gif


That’s all I can think of for now! (And they’re bad enough so I don’t really need any more haha). I can always make a second post if I come up with more bookish sins I’m guilty of committing 😉

What are your bookish bad habits?! If you want, make a post of your own and then let me know so I can read it; otherwise, leave me a comment below! x


7 thoughts on “‘My Bad Reading Habits’ tag!

  1. Oh man. You’ve hit on some of my bookish bad habits here, too. And you’ve also alerted me to some books with pretty covers that I need to buy! 😉

    (Found you because of Zuky.)


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