24in48 Readathon, January 2018!

Hey guys! This weekend I took part in the 24in48 Readathon. The idea is to try and read for 24 hours out of 48 – you can split it up however you want, 12 hours on Saturday and 12 on Sunday, 14 hours the first day and 10 the next, whatever works for you. It’s all pretty chill. The hosts are incredible at creating an interactive reading experience over the weekend, posting challenges on social media every three hours and showering you with GIFs to keep you motivated! It’s always a lot of fun.

This was my third time participating in the 24in48 Readathon (though my first time since starting this blog which is why I’m now writing about it, you lucky things). The first time I participated in 24in48 (July 2016), I only managed to read for about 12 hours. The second time, January 2017, I managed 16 hours. This time, I landed in the middle and read for 14 and a half hours. I had hoped to achieve more but considering I had to attend a family birthday celebration and then go to work on Sunday evening, I think I did pretty well!

I got through 3 whole books, as well as some audiobook chapters of Five Children and It when my eyes got too tired!

The Books I Read

Angelmonster by Veronica Bennett

I picked up this story based on the life of Mary Shelley in a charity shop. Having studied Frankenstein at college in a Gothic literature course, I was already fascinated by the author’s life story and so I was really excited to read this one. I knew I would fly through it so it seemed like the perfect choice for my first book of the readathon! I was a little nervous as I’ve never seen ANYONE talking about this one but I really enjoyed it.



One by Sarah Crossan

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this book about conjoined twins as it is written in verse. However, the more of it I read, the more I realised that it was a stylistic choice that worked perfectly for the story the author wanted to tell. I powered through this in one sitting and I don’t think I could have done it any other way because it was brutal and heartbreakingly beautiful and absolutely destroyed me. I don’t often cry at books but this reduced me to a puddle on the floor.



The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

So, after the feels shredding I got from One, I needed a bit of a comfort read! As I mentioned in my ‘goals for 2018’ post (which you can read here if you’re interested), I want to reread more books this year and not beat myself up for it. The Hobbit has been one of those books calling me to reread it lately so I decided to pick it up for the second half of the readathon. And IT WAS PERFECT.


(You had to know that gif was coming, right?)


Some Stats…

Number of books read: 3 (and a bit)

Number of pages: 1035

Average pages per hour: 71.4


I really enjoyed my third readathon and can’t wait for the next one! Put July 21-22 in your diaries people.

Did anyone else participate in 24in48?! How many hours did you manage? What was your favourite book you read? If you didn’t, do you think you might try it in July? 

3 thoughts on “24in48 Readathon, January 2018!

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  2. I had been planning on joining this readathon! Unfortunately, uni and homework and all my reports were due the next few days, and it was just not feasible 😦 Glad you had fun!


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