August FairyLoot Unboxing!

It’s FairyLoot unboxing time again! Always the most fun time of the month. August’s theme was ‘Otherworlds’ and, as always, it was fantastic!

August’s featured book (as I happily predicted) was Wicked like A Wildfire by Lana Popovic. Once again, FairyLoot has provided me with one of my most anticipated reads of the year; it’s about magical sisters who can manipulate beauty, and it sounds amazing!

There were seven items included in this month’s box! Read on to find out what they were…

Peter Pan notebook by T. J. Lubrano

This has to be the most adorable notebook I’ve ever owned. I’m notorious for hoarding stationery but I think when my current reading journal is full, I’ll be able to bring myself to use this one!



Witchsoul candle by Book and Nook

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Bella’s candles. (For an unboxing of her recent Disney box, clickΒ here.) Apparently, FairyLoot and Book & Nook worked directly with the author of this month’s book to create 5 exclusive candles. Mine smells like lemon verbena, vanilla and pear, and I love it!

Velaris necklace by Oh Panda Eyes

No ‘Otherworlds’ box would be complete without an item based on the works of Sarah J. Maas. This cameo style necklace features one of the YA community’s favourite fictional locations.

Westeros Tea Strainer

Well, this is just the coolest thing ever. I’m constantly drinking tea and now I can feel like the queen of Westeros while I do it. What more could a girl want?


Sleep mask by FairyLoot

I love when FairyLoot send out useful items! This eye mask will come in really handy when I have to do sleepover shifts at work and need to block out the light coming through the too-thin curtains!

Northern Lights art print by Adelaydeart

This print inspired by His Dark Materials is gorgeous! Northern Lights was my favourite book of Pullman’s trilogy and this print captures what I loved about it so well. Beautiful!



Aragorn and Arwen magnetic bookmarks by Paperly&Co.

These magnetic bookmarks are super cute! There were three different sets sent out and I’m really pleased I got this one because Aragorn is an absolute stud. Arwen’s ok too, I guess.


As well as all these awesome goodies, this box was packed with extras including samplers from Blackwing and Godsgrave (which folds out into a poster!) And of course, there was the usual signed bookplate, letter from the author and bookmark featuring the monthly FairyLoot artwork.


Once again, FairyLoot knocked it out of the park! I’m really excited for September’s ‘All That Sass’ box (though I have no idea what the book could be). October’s theme was recently revealed as ‘Villainous’ and I’m fairly certain I know what that book is; of course, it’s another of my highly anticipated reads. It was also revealed that the box is going to contain an exclusive edition of The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo!! No wonder it sold out in 48 hours.

So who else got this box? Have you read Wicked like a Wildfire yet? Remember to check back here around the same time each month to see more unboxings!



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