‘Prisoner of Ice and Snow’ spoiler-free review!

Last month, I was able to read an arc of Prisoner of Ice and Snow and I really enjoyed it! It was a fun, fast-paced middle grade read and had so many elements I loved.

The book follows Valor, who is sent to a maximum-security prison for attempting to murder a member of the royal family. Yet this is all part of her master plan to break out her sister who is also imprisoned. Intriguing, right?!

Valor is a plucky young heroine who shows incredible resilience and resourcefulness no matter what is thrown at her. Her determination to rescue her sister has made comparisons to Disney’s Frozen inevitable, but this is no bad thing. After all, the sisterly bond is part of what made that movie so great! It’s the same in this book. I was rooting for Valor the whole time and desperately wanted her to succeed in her every endeavour.

The supporting characters were also great. In such a short book, you would think it would be hard to create three-dimensional characters but Ruth Lauren did a fantastic job! There was a lot of moral greyness; I always love when books aren’t straight up black or white. It reminded me a lot of the tv show Prison Break (which you NEED to watch if you haven’t already!)

The book was set in a Russian-inspired fantasy world (further brownie points awarded as I love anything to do with Russia). I would have liked to have seen a tiny bit more world-building but then I suppose it wouldn’t have been as fast-paced and exciting if it was full of description! It just depends what you want from a book. Usually, I prefer slower books that favour lush world-building, but occasionally it’s nice to get a fast, action-packed read, even at the expense of some of the atmosphere.

I really enjoyed the story of Valor’s attempts to rescue her sister (of course, I’m not going to say whether she was successful or not!) The plot absolutely raced along, so I was completely gripped the whole time and ended up reading the book in one sitting. I would say this is one of the better MG books I’ve read and I definitely recommend it for fans of fast, exciting reads or anything inspired by Russia! I look forward to reading the sequel.


Prisoner of Ice and Snow comes out in the UK tomorrow (September 7th) and you should definitely grab a copy! It will be a perfect read now that the weather is getting cooler!


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