‘Incubus’ spoiler-free review!

One of my final reads of June was Incubus by Carol Goodman. This book came reliably recommended and, while it is definitely a guilty pleasure read, I really enjoyed it! Before I get into the review properly, I should put out a warning that it’s a very raunchy book so if that’s not your thing, I’d steer clear – it’s not normally my thing either but the story made this a great read regardless of the amount of sex! So many wave metaphors hehehe.

I really loved the setting of Incubus and the Gothic vibes were fabulous (though I did get worried when Stephenie Meyer was mentioned! Sorry Twi-hards!) The woods, the house, and even the weather were like characters in themselves and it was all deliciously dark. I also really enjoyed the mythological backstory and the twists on faerie legends. If Goodman’s other books are in a similar vein to this, then I definitely want to read them!

There were some elements of the story that felt a little too easy; for example, Callie was a little too accepting too quickly for my liking. She also reads as older than 26, in my opinion. I recommend just suspending disbelief for this story and going with the flow! Some of it is predictable but it’s good fun and there are some really funky beasties to keep you entertained.

I also need to give special mention to Ralph. He is completely adorable and one of my new favourite characters. I want a Ralph of my own.


Has anyone else read this? Or the other two books in the trilogy? What did you think? Did you love Ralph too?!

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