‘Anne of Green Gables’ spoiler-free review!

“Dear old world, you are very lovely and I am glad to be alive in you.”

– L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


This was such a sweet book! Unlike many people, I did not meet Anne when I was a child and this was my first time encountering Green Gables. I’m pleased to say this had no negative effect and I still found this a heart-warming read as an adult. I loved the good old-fashioned humour and read the majority of this book with a smile on my face. It is completely delightful, with some really lovely messages at its heart, particularly about ambition and following your dreams.

Anne is such an endearing character and we would all benefit from sharing her outlook on life. I love that she sees the positive in every situation and treats everyone she meets with kindness. Though she does talk A LOT! There are pages and pages where she waxes lyrical about the flowers or the sky, and while the descriptions are beautiful, she definitely needs to just slow down a bit and chill!

The other characters in this book were all wonderful and I particularly loved Matthew, Marilla and Mrs Lynde, who reminded me of a woman you might find in a Jane Austen novel. The bond between Matthew and Anne was so lovely, as was the way Marilla tried not to show how deep her affection ran. I could picture them all so clearly. I did expect Gilbert to feature more heavily in the book from what I’ve heard of it, but maybe he is more prominent in the next books in the series. At this point, I don’t know if I’ll make an effort to acquire the rest of the books as I’m frightened they would ruin my perfect little conception of Avonlea in my mind! Though, at the same time, it would be nice to see where the story goes from here after an ending that caused me mixed emotions.

There were some beautiful descriptions of the Avonlea scenery and it actually made me wish I could have experienced this book as a child; I would have found it magical. Yet even coming to it as an adult, I felt a connection with it that I rarely feel with classics. It is the sweetest story and I can see it becoming a comfort read that I return to in the future!


Any kindred spirits out there? Did you read Anne as a child? Or were you late to the party like me?

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